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You will manage your own work load, you can work full time or part time - depending on the order details you sign up for.
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Freelance Writing Jobs & Indian Essay Writers

We are offering you the highest compensation rate per page on the Indian market and all the tools you may need to create a quality paper by the deadline.
This web service was designed for premium content writers and researchers from India that are computer literate and experienced.

Who Do We Hire? has strict hiring rules deciding who it will and won't take on as an essay writer, because that is how it maintains its reputation online.

Inactive academic writers will be deactivated after one month of inactivity.

What Do We Expect from Our Writers?
  • 100% Original Content
  • Phone Availability
  • Respect and Good Work Ethics
  • Correct Referencing and Citation
  • Daily Online Presence
  • Constant Improvement
  • 24/7 Internet Connection
  • Responsiveness
  • Excellent Time-Management

How to Start?

Starting writing jobs from home with us is very simple - you fill out a registration form, note that all information has to be valid, it will later be used to verify your account. Within seven days, we will get back to you with whether or not you have been accepted. If you have not been approved, you will not be allowed to access the site. Approved writer is given Trial access, allowing to take simple papers, at our base prices.

To increase your chances of being approved, please complete required writing test.

About Us

Our company has existed for five years now, and was first created with the idea of bringing the highest possible quality of essay writing to our clients, and to anybody else who is looking for high-quality work. We founded the company on high ideals and standards for our workers, to allow people come to us being sure they get the best freelance writing assignments possible.

We hire only professional writers with experience and provide them with the tools to polish their work. This includes an account with anti-plagiarism software to allow check unintentional plagiarism before sending the paper to the customer. Our writers also have access to the best on-line libraries directly from their profile. We provide constant support for our writers, they can get in touch through a variety of media if they need some extra help at any point. Our aim is to give the customer the best possible overall experience, and the best paper available, too.
You will manage your own workload, you can work full time or part time - depending on order details. For some, this will be a part time job, for others a career.


We offer different compensation rates depending on progress and loyalty of the writer. You start at the Trial level, where the base rate of pay is three dollars, which can move up to five dollars depending on the paper. When you have received positive feedback from fifteen separate clients, we will allow you to move up to Regular, Regular+ and finally Premium level, which has a baseline payment of five to fifteen dollars. On top of the base payments, we give our staff writers a variety of bonuses for their work, including when clients give them particularly good feedback.

For "Regulars" the minimal cost per page is approximately $3 and up. To become a premium writer you have to complete at least 15 orders with positive feedbacks from our clients.
per page
For Premium group of writers all orders start off with $4.00 USD cost per page and up to 17.50 USD. "Premium" writers have full access to all our orders including Master's and PhD level papers.
per page
Payments are to be issued twice a month: on the 1st and on the 15th day of the month.
We reserve a right to hold your payments for two weeks after the completion of a particular order to obtain feedbacks from our clients.
  • Do I qualify to write for

    We encourage you to apply if you have: Perfect written English skills; Bachelor, Master or PhD degree; 24/7 computer and Internet availability; high level of responsibility; previous experience as freelance writer.

  • How do I apply?

    Kindly submit your application by filling out the REGISTRATION FORM. We advice you to be detailed and professional while filling out the application. It should not take you longer then 7 minutes to submit it.

  • If I have a full-time job, may I still apply?

    You will manage your own work load, you can work full time or part time - depending on the order details you sign up for. For some this will be a part time job, for others a career.

  • Do you have a writing guide that I can follow?

    The writing guide will be available to you once you are successfully registered.

  • What will be available to me once I register?

    A great number of orders will be available to you on daily basis. In any way, we encourage you to fill out the registration form and wait for its approval or disapproval. Once approved - you will have access to many online tools that we offer: writers affiliate program, online libraries, plagiarism check software, unique system tools and more.

  • How do I use your system?

    Our system is web 2.0 based. It was designed for easy and quick navigation and access. There will be no obstacles for computer literate person. In any case you can always ask for an advice via our LIVE CHAT.

  • Is my personal information safe with you?

    Your personal information is safe with us. Your profile is 100% confidential as is your compensation. You will have an option of deleting your profile if you decide to quit.

  • Have a question?

    Please, feel free to contact us.

  • Pages vs Word Count?

    You are required to fully deliver the number of pages specified in the order unless the order instructions sent by the client specify the minimal number of words required to complete the assignment.

What our writers say
Good online service that helps me earn extra dollars. I'm glad to exercise my writing skills here from time to time.
Brennon S.
I enjoy working from home! I'm a mother with 2 kids and I make over $2000 per month. I will never let you guyz down! TopWriterList section is awesome!
Amber D..
My first language is not English, but I'm an experienced freelance writer. Thank you for approving my application! Service is well managed! Another thing is - attention to details from writers' support!! Always yours!
Erum A..
Problems are always solved quickly and professionally! Please upgrade me to a premium writer!!
Well organized service that I work for full time
Samuel A..